Our solar technician network is solving the last-mile distribution & servicing challenge in rural Uganda. 

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The Problem

Over 400,000 rural businesses and non-profit institutions across Uganda, of which more than 50% are off-grid, and the rest facing power cuts and high energy bills. Powering them enables productive use of energy, leading to improved livelihoods, job creation, and access to services. Their stated barriers to solar adoption:

Cited Distance
Cited Quality Concerns
Cited Lack of Financing
Cited Lack of Servicing Options

Source: Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Commissioned research survey in Bugiri & Kaliro Districts, July-August 2016.

We de-risk solar adoption for businesses & institutions through:


Network of branches and technicians across the country to bring our solutions and services closer to rural customers.


Customer financing through PayGo technology and partnerships with financing institutions.


Locally-recruited technicians and salespeople with the training and support to be the solar experts for their community.

Our Solutions

  • Custom Design

    With a fast, affordable on-site survey, we design the right solution for your off-grid or grid-backup needs to boost productivity & decrease energy costs.

  • Off-Grid Appliances

    With our partners we offer refrigeration, water heating, water pumping, and other solar appliances.

  • Customer Financing

    Payment plans are available for qualifying businesses & revenue-generating institutions.

  • Warranty & On-site Servicing

    All installations come with a 2-year on-site maintenance/servicing plan and warranty on all components.

  • Off-Grid Projects

    Fee-based installation & servicing services for off-grid solar companies and stand-alone installations/projects.

  • Mini-Grids

    Local installation and post-installation servicing support for mini-grid projects.

Our Value

Customized Design

  • On-site Survey

    Site survey one of our local technicians to assess your precise needs and develop technical specifications.

  • Custom Design

    Using the data from the site survey and our conversations, we custom-design a system using top quality components.

  • High Quality Components

    We only work with top quality brands with internationally-recognized certifications and multi-year manufacturer warranty.

Customer Financing

  • Payment Plans

    12 month plans for qualifying businesses & institutions.

  • PayGo Integration

    PayGo technology integrations that give you flexibility of when to pay.

  • Monitoring Impact

    We work with you to track your change in income or cost savings from usage of the system over time.

On-Site Servicing

  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote monitoring integrations that communicate to our team’s servers via 3G network.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    User education and 2 years of maintenance visits for installations.

  • On-Site Servicing

    Fast servicing and replacements without the need for the customer to travel outside the area.

Our Results & Impact

Since 2015
Field Staff

Who We Are

We started in 2009 with the goal of bringing energy access to rural communities by employing Ugandan youth to locally manufacture and distribute solar systems. Through our work in rural areas, we saw for ourselves how the lack of after-sales servicing options was creating a lack of trust of solar in rural areas, and that the entire last-mile distribution challenge was a large, unsolved opportunity. This has led to our current “community solar expert” model, focused on developing the human capital and physical infrastructure needed for a sustainable rural solar economy.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest the majority of our profits to achieve sustainability and ensure the fulfillment of our vision of a renewable-powered rural economy.

Awards & Partners

Companies To Inspire Africa Report

2019 Nominee

Village Energy

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Hogan Lovells Comm. Solar Innov. Awards

2017 Overall Winner

Village Energy

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Scaling Off Grid Challenge

2016 Grantee

Village Energy

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Ashoka Fellowship


2014 Fellow

Abu Musuuza

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SPRING Accelerator

2015 Cohort

Village Energy

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Climate Fellowship


2015 Fellow

Abu Musuuza

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Acumen Fellowship

2012, 2017

East Africa Fellow

Abu Musuuza (2012), Jay Patel (2017)

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2014 Program

2014 Venture

Village Energy

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SEED Awards

2015 Africa Winner

Village Energy

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Powering the Future


2015 Finalist

Village Energy

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PDCI 2016

Prototype Model

Village Energy

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