Powering Rural Schools: A Success Story

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Loi Waisi Primary School was looking for a consistent power source to light their classrooms, run security cameras, and charge teachers’ phones and laptops. Located in the hilly Mbale district of Eastern Uganda, the school was completely off-grid—their only source of energy was the firewood used for cooking meals. Despite these challenges, Loi Waisi Primary School was dedicated to finding a solution to run the school more efficiently and raise the level of academic excellence.

The school, in partnership with the Swedish-based NGO EnergyAid, contacted Village Energy because of our in-house design expertise, local presence in the region, and high customer service levels. Within days we were able to conduct a site survey and design a 5kW custom solution to power 20 Laptops, 26 security cameras, an internet router, and 45 lights for classrooms and security, using components from top quality international brands. To further diversify revenue streams, the school also purchased solar lanterns to run a solar kiosk—a commercial phone charging venture that serves the surrounding off-grid community.

Our customized solution was perfectly suited to meet their needs, and our expertly-trained technicians were able to complete the installation in less than a week! In addition to our multi-year warranty and on-site servicing plan, we also installed internet-based remote monitoring to proactively spot any issues with the system and rectify them before they can cause system failures.

As a result, pupils can now study extra hours while teaching staff work more diligently and effectively, thus elevating the school’s educational standards. Using solar power, Loi Waisi has been able to promote IT learning among students, extend working hours, and monitor the security of the entire school with ease; and parents are taking notice! Within the last 6 months, they have hired more teachers to accommodate for the increasing enrollment, and they have reported saving over 300,000 UGX in printing/computer tasks as well as generating an additional 75,000 UGX per month in revenue from the solar kiosk.

Thanks to our locally-based technician, we can quickly get there for any scheduled maintenance or emergency servicing issues that come up. We are delighted to have been a part of this project with them, and look forward to expanding our work in enabling energy access for rural schools and their students!

To find out more about how we can power your school, organization or business in Uganda, with payment plans for qualifying organizations, contact us today at support@villageenergy.com!